Charles C Dowd, Artist & Storyteller
Charles C Dowd, Artist & Storyteller
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Meet the artist

Charles C Dowd is an author/illustrator of comics and kid's books, most notably Lilith Dark, Kidthulhu, and The A to Z Guide to Jobs for Girls. Charles is also, along with his wife Crystal, co-founder of Riveting Press, a small press focused on publishing children's material featuring empowering messages for girls.

In addition to his own work, Charles is a founding member of Zazz Comics, a creator owned digital comics collective. Charles also administers the Webcomic Creator Group, a 3,000 member strong Facebook group of independent comic creators.

Charles spends his free time covered in cats.

Charles can be reached at any of the following:

Charcoal on Drywall Photo by @MarcellinaPix