Lilith Dark Issue 1 Sold Out

Hello, everyone! I got some fantastic news this week about my upcoming comic book series, Lilith Dark. According to the publisher, Alterna Comics, Lilith Dark has officially sold out at the distributor level. That means that on May 3 when the book is released, you’ll want to snap it up immediately because there aren’t anymore left to sell. This is awesome news, and I’m thrilled to have so much support from Alterna, retailers, and Diamond distribution, and most of all, YOU! Thank you all!

Here’s the press release…

AMAZING AGE #1, ADAM WRECK #1, CROAK #1, AND LILITH DARK #1 have all sold out at the distributor level before even hitting store shelves.  Despite ordering a 25% larger print run, a surge in demand for the debut titles of Alterna’s newsprint line (sporting cover prices of $1.50 each) have yielded sold out print runs across the board.

Alterna will be going back to press pending demand from retailers once the books hit shelves on May 3rd.

Alterna also has four other titles currently in Diamond’s April Previews catalog, for release in June.  MOTHER RUSSIA #1, TRESPASSER #1, and SCRIMSHAW #1 will all sport $1.50 cover prices — and THE CHAIR #1 will be priced at $1.00.  These titles will all be printed on newsprint with a semi-gloss cover stock and most will be in full color.  With the exception of the SCRIMSHAW series, all other titles are a mini-series of 3 to 5 issues.

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