Charles C Dowd, Artist & Storyteller
Charles C Dowd, Artist & Storyteller
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Lilith Dark

Lilith Dark #1 in Stores Now!

Lilith Dark Issue 1 Cover Art

During an imaginary adventure, Lilith follows a kitten into a mysterious tree and discovers a hidden world full of very real beasties! Lilith Dark has the perfect blend of magic, fun, and adventure for readers of all ages!

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Beastie Bulletin

Do you have a question or comment about Lilith Dark? Write to us at and your feedback could appear in the next issue of Lilith Dark’s Beastie Bulletin!


That’s right, Lil’ Beasties. Here’s your chance to show off your artistic ability and win awesome prizes! All you have to do is create an original piece of Lilith Dark fanart. Draw it, sculpt it, create a cosplay, be as creative as you can be.

Post a photo of your finished fanart to Twitter, Facebook, or Instagram, tag Lilith Dark creator @CharlesCDowd, and use the hashtag #LilithDark.

Three runners-up will receive a signed copy of Lilith Dark #1, and one grand prize winner will receive a complete signed set of Lilith Dark #1-4, and an original hand drawn Lilith Dark sketch by series creator Charles C Dowd.

All entries must be received by August 1, 2017.

Winners will be announced in Lilith Dark #4’s Beastie Bulletin. All entries will be immortalized on Some entries will be posted in the pages of the Lilith Dark comic book. Kids, be sure to get your parents’ permission.