Charles C Dowd, Artist & Storyteller
Charles C Dowd, Artist & Storyteller
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Penny Powers

Penny Powers in Attack of the Maniacal Meatloaf Monster

Penny Powers - superpowered defender of truth and justice, with the ability to pulverize menacing monsters and vile villains with her patented Power Punch, and who, disguised as mild-mannered honor roll student Penelope Powski, passionately defends the proud people of Plainsburg and the citizens of planet Earth!

When Plainsburg Elementary's star pupil Irwin Lewis bites into a mysteriously malignant meatloaf and morphs into the Maniacal Meatloaf Monster, it's up to Penny Powers to stop him before he destroys the school...but when Penny learns that the malicious meat-man is immune to her ferocious fisticuffs, she must use her brain instead of her brawn to save the day!

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